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Original Paintings

Artist Jerome Lawrence and Logo Original Art - Contact artist directly: BestArtistEver@JeromeLawrence.Net
Click each image to view larger picture. Accepting commissions for new ideas or based on prior works.
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iWonder size 60w x 48hTrees at Twilight iPurpose size 60w x 48h

Spirit Flight size 36w x 48hNight Life size 30w x 40h

Passion 20 size 48w x 36hThe Right size 40w x 30h

Autumn Colors 2 size 30w x 40hEpiphany size 30w x 40h

Trees at Twilight 19Trees at Twilight 21 size 40w x 30h

Pride and Joy size 30w x 40hBravo 2 size 40w x 30h

Trees at Twilight 22 size 40w x 30hA Winter Walk size 36w x 24h

Heart of Arizona size 30w x 40hPassionate Twilight 11 size 30w x 40h

Field of Dreams size 40w x 30hLove PeaceHope size 40w x 30h

Devotion size 30w x 40hSilent Night size 30w x 40h

Hey There size 40w x 30hNo Place Like Home size 40w x 30h

Awakening 2 size 40w x 30hFantasy Swan size 18w x 24h

Original Painting The Quiver of ErosOriginal Painting Wild Weeds Flower in Time

Original Painting Love Lasts Like Lavish ShowersOriginal Painting Bliss from Piano Fountain Springs

Welcome to My Gallery

"Please enjoy my site, but realize it is a work in progress! More to come. If you have questions, suggestions, custom orders or if you'd like to place an order by sending a check, email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -- Thank you."
Past Show made Front Page of Savannah News (Click to read article)

Top News!
At Presidential Carter Center Auction

-- Jerome Lawrence Painting sells for $21,000.00
Beginning meets end at all points between
Carter Center Winter Weekend - San Diego, California - February 2013

Title: "Beginning meets end at all points between" It has occurred to me on my journey that I am the same person looking out at the world as when I was a child, the same before my illness, during my illness and now having recovered at age 52. One could say that whatever my location, I stand at a point where beginning and end meet to touch hands across the expanse. My expectation is that I will be the person looking out from my ending to shake hands with my beginning.
--- Jerome Lawrence

-- Jerome Lawrence Painting sells for $16,000.00
Title: "Passions Rise" by Jerome Lawrence, whose beautiful works have become favorites at Winter Weekend auctions. Winning bid sixteen thousand dollars. Year 2012

-- Jerome Lawrence Painting sells for $20,000.00

Title: "Respect" The lilac background contrasts sharply with the shades of white, blue, lilac, and gold of the flower shown in this original painting by Jerome Lawrence, whose beautiful works have become favorites at Winter Weekend auctions. Lawrence, who lives with mental illness, has been a presenter with Rosalynn Carter in Carter Center Mental Health Program events. The colorful work on stretched canvas measures 30 x 40 inches and is not framed. This painting comes with a book written by Mr. Lawrence about his art, for which Mrs. Carter wrote the foreword. Year 2011.
Winning Bid: Twenty Thousand Dollars

-- Jerome Lawrence Painting sells for $13,000.00
Building Hope
Title: "Building Hope" 
In October 2005, The Carter Center monitored elections in Liberia. While there, Carter Center staffer Deborah Hakes took a photograph of a Liberian woman waiting with ballot in hand to vote. Artist Jerome Lawrence used Ms. Hakes' photograph to create this original Painting. In the painting, Mr. Lawrence transforms the tree from the photograph into an indicator of voter participation. The word "vote" is repeated to produce the dark areas in the bark of the tree and represents those who have cast their ballot. The lighter part is free from words in recognition of citizens who have yet to vote. The painting comes with a copy of the original photograph signed by Ms. Hakes. Mr. Lawrence, who has struggled with mental illness, has participated with Rosalynn Carter in Carter Center Mental Health Program events. The colorful work measures 30 x 40 inches. Donors: Jerome Lawrence- Painting, Deborah Hakes- Photograph Winning Bid - $13,000.00 Year 2010.

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New Logo Design
New Logo Jerome Lawrence Art

Two Exciting Books

1. Big Picture Book of Art Cover       2. Big Picture Book of Art: REMIX Cover

1. Big Picture Book of Art by Jerome Lawrence
A 12 inch by 12 inch huge 158 page hardcover book of over 100 favorites and never before seen original paintings by artist Jerome Lawrence. Large full color illustrations. Inspirational text. Beautiful designs!
Click HERE to Purchase from $153.24

2. Big Picture Book of Art: REMIX by Jerome Lawrence
A 12 inch by 12 inch huge hardcover book of JUST PICTURES. Original paintings by artist Jerome Lawrence. Large full color illustrations. Beautiful designs! Makes a wonderful display table/coffee table book for home, office or class room. 120 pages with over 100 big picture illustrations.
Click HERE to Purchase from $132.69

First Paperback Book! How to Get What You Want By Changing Your Mind: Finding Life's Lessons in Art
Written by Jerome Lawrence with Foreword by Rosalynn Carter

eBook or PaperbackeBook PDF Format $7.74, Download Immediately
or Paperback 140 Pages $14.00, Ships in 3 - 5 Business Days
CLICK HERE to Order from

"Having devoted much of my life to helping people with mental illness, I am constantly impressed by stories of achievement and courage . . . In his two-part book, Jerome gives us a panoramic view into the workings of his agile mind and creative genius. Book One gives sensible but uncommon advice on creating art that also enhances numerous coping skills. . . In Book Two, . . Jerome describes the confusion and fear when a promising young mind goes awry." -- Rosalynn Carter

Carter Center's Christmas Card Of Hope - (December 18, 2008)
Designed by Jerome Lawrence
"Art & Artist, Jerome Lawrence, Featured on Step-Up Emory Website for a Limited Time!" Emory's Step-Up website provides tools and information to help you assess your level of mental wellness. - (September 2009)
1) Read Jerome's profile and interview by Rebecca Palpant on Step-Up Emory website.

"Painting a Picture of Health" - WebMD feature interview with Jerome Lawrence and Rosalynn Carter (May 2006)
"Amazing Artist" Pathways, Winter 08 Pgs. 10 & 11
A Brighter Picture, J Lawrence in the Georgia DHR The Heart of Service 2009 Publication

CREATIVE WRITING by Jerome Lawrence

  ◊ Summary Bio - Jerome Lawrence
    ◊ Developing a New Style and Bare Your Soul
    ◊ Expressions of the Journey
    ◊ Encouragement for Beginning Artists
    ◊ How to Become a Rich and Famous Artist
    ◊ How to Start Again? Letter from Roxanne Randall
    ◊ What Inspires You, What Keeps You Going?
    ◊ Why Does Your Painting Look Real?
    ◊ Why Do You Paint Flowers? Letter from Glynis
    ◊ How to Combine Art with Good Business Sense
    ◊ Thought Inspired by Cloud Atlas the Movie
Awarded the Consumer Advocacy Award from the Campaign for Mental Health Reform, CMHR, for leadership in mental health (April 2006)